Big Bang Theory quiz

  1. What is Leonard’s middle name?
  2. What is Bernadette’s profession?
  3. What scares Sheldon about Penny’s car when she drives him to work in “The Euclid Alternative”?
  4. What instrument does Leonard play?
  5. What instruments does Sheldon play?

The next Poptropica island has been announced! :O Yep, get ready for Mission Atlantis! 😉 In Mission Atlantis, we’ll be taking a trip down to the ocean floor! Take a look at the trailer:

😀 Currently, there’s not much about this yet, except its first episode name, “Into The Deep.” But make sure to check back for more info on, Mission Atlantis! 😉



I apologize about my inactiveness, I have had a pretty hard time at school.

So,  I am still wondering how people are finding this blog.

In response to this can you tell me where you are from and how you got here


Hello, SM here!

Hello, This is SM (Spotted Monster)!

Username on Poptropica: (well actually I have a lot but I’ll just put my main one) Emilizzle

Games I like to play: and

Things I collect: LPS (littlest pet shop)and crayons

Favorite cookie: white chocolate chip macadamia nut

Favorite icecream: Mint Chocolate chip

Favorite Movie: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Favorite Poptropica Island: Twisted Thicket

so that’s about it. I’ll try to post walkthroughs and glitches… I’m kinda bad at walkthroughs and not that good at finding glitches, but I’ll try my best.
~SM, who finally got to go on a roller coaster (yesterday, at Wild Adventures)~


Introducing Popular Wolf!

Heeeyyy guys! I’m Popular Wolf, but you can call me PW, P-Dubbs, or Wolf, which ever you prefer. I’m the newest author here, but I didn’t post anything until now. I love j-pop, gaming, reading, drawing manga and Poptropica stuff (and random junk), watching anime, sci-fi, and middle earth, as well as being the biggest fan girl EVER. Now, to the Poptropica updates!! Continue reading