Some of my favourite Big Bang quotes


Howard: All right, just a few more feet and…. Here we are, gentiemen, the Gates of Elzebub

Sheldon: Good Lord

Leonard: Don’t panic. This is what the last 97 hours have been about

Howard: Stay frosty. There’s a horde of armed goblins on the other side of that gate guarding the Sword of Azeroth.

Leonard: Warriors, unsheathe your weapons. Magic wielders, raise your wands.

Sheldon: Lock and load.

Howard: Raj, blow the gates.

Rajesh: Blowing the gates. Control, shift B.

Rajesh: Oh, my God, so many goblins.

Howard: Ahh! Don’t just stand there. Slash and move.

Leonard: Stay in formation.

Howard: Leonard, you got one on your tail.

Leonard: That’s all right, my tail’s prehensile. I’ll swat him off!

Rajesh: I’ve got him, Leonard. Tonight, I spice my meat with goblin blood!

Leonard: Raj, it’s a trap. They’re flanking us.

Rajesh: Oh, he’s got me.

Howard: Sheldon, he’s got Raj. Use your sleep spell. Sheldon. Sheldon.

Sheldon: I’ve got the sword of Azeroth!

Leonard: Forget the sword, Sheldon, help Raj.

Sheldon: There is no more Sheldon. I am the sword master.

Howard: Leonard, look out.

Leonard: Damn it, man, we’re dying here.

Sheldon: Goodbye, peasants.


Leonard: The bastard teleported.

Rajesh: He’s selling the Sword of Azeroth on eBay.

Leonard: You betrayed us for money? Who are you?

Sheldon: I’m a rogue knight elf. Don’t you people read character descriptions? Wait, wait, wait. Somebody just clicked “Buy It Now”.



[Bernadette rushes into the comic book store] “GO!” [14x] “How am I faster than you? I’ve got heels on AND I stopped to make a phone call!”

Leonard: “I have asthma. BACK OFF!”


All repeatedly say “REFRESH! REFRESH! REFRESH!”

Penny: “Okay, this isn’t going to be enough coffee.”

They keep saying “Refresh”, and then the usual opening sequence appears, and they are still shouting “Refresh” after the opening sequence.


One thought on “Some of my favourite Big Bang quotes

  1. it is

    All (repeatedly): Refresh. Refresh. Refresh….

    Penny: Yeah, this is not gonna be enough coffee.

    Credits sequence.

    Scene: The same, shortly after.

    All (repeatedly): Refresh… Refresh… Refresh…

    Howard: It’s been ten minutes. We’re running out of time.

    Penny: To be cool? Yeah.

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