6 Question Poptropica Quiz!

  1. What year was Poptropica created?
  2. How many islands are there now?
  3. Name three Super Power villains.
  4. Name a Game Show Island game show.
  5. On what island does Dr Hare live on?
  6. What is Dr Hare’s real name?

I’m doing this in an attempt for you to see how well you are in your knowledge!


4 thoughts on “6 Question Poptropica Quiz!

  1. 1: September 2007
    2: 55? (including episodes and beta carotene)
    3: copy cat, betty jetty and ratman
    4:wasn’t there one called spin for riches? I forgot…
    5: 24 carrot
    6: Harvey Hare….?
    ~back to homework now 😦

  2. 1- September of 2007
    2- About 56 now
    3- Sir Rebral, Speedy Spike, and Crusher
    4- Ker-Splunk (and extra credit Scardey Pants)
    5- 24 Carrot (now an SUI)
    6- Dr. Harvey Hare

    Thanks for the quiz 🙂

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