Introducing Popular Wolf!

Heeeyyy guys! I’m Popular Wolf, but you can call me PW, P-Dubbs, or Wolf, which ever you prefer. I’m the newest author here, but I didn’t post anything until now. I love j-pop, gaming, reading, drawing manga and Poptropica stuff (and random junk), watching anime, sci-fi, and middle earth, as well as being the biggest fan girl EVER. Now, to the Poptropica updates!!


First off, the Island Hopper sweepstakes is a huge sweepstakes that you collect golden tickets in order to put yourself in a giant raffle! It’s for U.S. residents only, though. Here are the prizes:


Also, there is now a demo for EFPR! You get these 2 prizes:


There’s also a photo booth there, complete with prison scenes!


And last but not least, there’s an ad for “The Good Dinosaur,” and you get a Spot follower.


That’s all I got for now. Get those golden tickets, and pop on!




Look at the comments! You can add one if you like!

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