Time Tangled Island Guide

(This is the time period order you’ll go to: 1, 9, 5, 11, 10, 4, 8, 6, 2, 1, 3, 7, 3)

GETTING STARTED: Run right to Pendulum’s Lab and talk to the woman outside who tells you to come inside. Inside, go to her again (go right) and you will be given a Mission Printout. Drop down to the bottom platform and shove the power supply to the right (there’s an arrow on a sign above you pointing right) and when it connects, jump back up to the future machine and click on it. You’ll turn white and vanish. You’ll turn white and appear in the “future”. Go left to see you beside a sign. Both the sign and the Mission Printout will help what happened. You’ll be given a time travel device, which you can easily access shown in the lower-left corner of the game-play screen. Oh, and the sign says, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way! Something happened in the past that ruined mankind’s future. Can you turn back the hands of time and set things right?”

  1. 328BC – Ancinet Greece
  2. 831AD – Vikings
  3. 1387 – Mali Empire
  4. 1516 – Da Vinci’s Workshop
  5. 1519 – Aztec Empire
  6. 1593 – Great Wall of China
  7. 1776 – The Graff House
  8. 1805 – Lewis and Clark
  9. 1877 – Edison’s Workshop
  10. 1882 – Statue of Liberty
  11. 1953 – Mount Everest
  12. 2016– Main Street (Future Year: 2066)

Start by going to Ancient Greece, it’s one right of LAB. Click on it and push the knob. Go right and jump on the statues to get on the Treasury building. You’ll find a phonograph. Grab it and go to Edison’s Workshop, in the middle of the left side.

Go left and inside the house. Go left until you see Edison. Jump onto his level and give him the phonograph. Now leave and go left to the odd-looking motor car. Click to start it, which it will stop next to the tree. Climb the tree and onto the house roof and go to the leftmost chimney to grab the Sun Stone Piece.

Go to Aztec Empire, two spaces down from the middle-right side. Go right and jump up the stairs, avoiding the warriors. Return the piece to the King, who will put the piece back on the sun stone. Drop down and go to the right of the platform. Go right and jump on the platform with the retired warrior, who gives you his mask. Put it on and talk to the warrior to the left of the stairs, who gives you some goggles. Now select Mount Everest, one left of Main Street.

Just climb all the way up Mount Everest until you reach Hillary and Norgay on the way to the top. Give Hillary his goggles and he and Norgay continues. Follow them up the rope. There you can grab the Statue of Liberty Model. Now open the device and turn to Statue of Liberty, two left of Main Street.

Now go right inside Gaget, Gauthier and Cie. Once inside, go right and give the crying man his statue model. Then go outside and onto the construction of the model. Jump left which you should land on a ledge. Hop down and try make it onto the one below it, which you’ll get da Vinci’s notebook. Now travel to da Vinci’s Workshop, one down from middle-right.

Go left to the waterfall and up it using the rocks. Go right and maneuver the pulley system so you can jump to the workshop from the left from the pulleys at a certain angle.

Enter and go left. Climb up the rope and go right. Climb up the rope again to get onto da Vinci’s level. When you give him the notebook, he gives you the Glider, which you’ll need for later on. Exit and go to the pulley system, which has resetted as you may have guessed.

  1. Stand on the one in the middle so it goes up, causing the top one to go down.
  2. Climb up the platforms and drop so you land on the top. This time it will go down further, but unhide the bottom pulley. Drop down so you can land on it.
  3. From there, try to jump and grab the Peace Medal that’s hanging from the system. What I do is make my arrow point fully right then bring it up a little bit. Then I make the arrow somewhat short-middle in length. If you do it correctly, you will snatch it and fall to the ground.

Because you have the Glider, you can use it to get there if you want.

Now open your time travel device and select Lewis and Clark, one down from the middle-left. Give them the medal then climb up the tree and then try get the Stone Bowl the beaver is wearing on its head. Now open your device again. That was short, because it’s time for bit longer businesses! Go to Great Wall of China, which is fully down the bottom.

Run right to grab the gunpowder*, which is in a barrel. You need this for later, too. Jump up the construction, watch out for falling bricks, and go left. Give the person his stone bowl. Go right to the person wearing the amulet, who will give it to you and beat you in a memory game. It’s fairly medium, so there’s eight cards. Tips:

  1. Keep your finger or eyes on the chosen card. When it moves, try using your finger to spot where the card is going. Using the mouse cursor always helps.
  2. If you’re not sure, just randomly click on a card and it will turn.

Now go to Vikings, two right of Main Street. *gunpowder is an explosive stored in already-made firework rockets. Give the man his amulet. Now turn on your glider and fly up to the platform with the blocked cave entrance. Unblock it with your gunpowder by clicking on the blockage. Now you will find a torch by the entrance. Click on it and you will pick up the torch and go inside. You only have 30 seconds before your torch flickers out. When it starts getting dark, you may be on 10-5 seconds left. And torches don’t work in water! The path:

  1. drop down
  2. go a little right
  3. jump right
  4. go right
  5. drop down
  6. jump from platform to platform, being careful to avoid the water

Walk over to the torch lying there and your light will replenish. Go left to pick up the Golden Vase. Now reverse the route and walk out. Fly right to the platform with the Viking Suit on it.

The Viking suit is not customizable. You’ve got to wear all or none.

Now head back to Ancient Greece and give the vase back to the treasury.

Now head to Mali Empire, in the middle right. Once there, go right climbing stuff until you get to the Timbuktu Inn. Climb to the top level and the guy will ask you to compile* a picture.

You will get the Declaration, which you need for the next part. Click on the time period one left from the bottom. Go inside the house and go to Thomas Jefferson and give him the Declaration. You’ll also get a picture saying LIFE, LIBERTY AND MEDALLIONS.

Go out and climb the roof and get the bag of salt rocks. Now head back to Mali Empire and go up to the poor trader and give him his salt rock bag. Now select LAB, at the top.

Yes, you’ll be back on Main Street. I thought it said LAB because it would bring you back into the lab. Oh, well. Go back inside the lab and inside the future machine. This time you’ll be in a restored future. Go right to the tube to be sent right up. You’ll be on a monorail stop.

Wait for the monorail to come and jump on it and then jump on its air stream. You’ll be launched on top of another monorail. You’ll then be launched on a solar power building. Make your way onto a hover board. Jump on it to be sent up. Then enter the doorway to be in your sky home. Jump right and talk to your future self. You’ll get the medallion and 50 credits!