Episode 1 Part 1

March 3. 2014

We went to Monster Carnival Island and play the Weight Guessing Game. I win the fun bouncy ball. Brave Sky kept getting nothing but a chance of losing.

“Dang it!” Brave Sky yelled. “I lost!”

“Oh, cheer up, Brave,” I said. “You’ll do better.”

Brave Sky lost in all of the games. She then bought some fried dough. When she was going to tuck into it, fried dough eating monsters went after Brave Sky. “No! This is my fried dough! Back off! Uh!” Brave Sky lost them! She pulled out a bit of fried dough and ate it. Oh, how she savoured the delicious taste.

“So, Brave,” I said.

“Yeah, Icy?” Brave said.

“Do you like fried dough? Have you had it before?”

“No, I haven’t. But this is so good I actually like it now!”

My phone rang. It was Magic Fire.

“Hey, Icy, you have to see this,” Magic said. “Legend says that a mystery ice cream is going to be sold to a costumer at the ice cream shop. I’m paying all I can to get the mystery ice cream and see what the mystery flavour is!”

“Who is it?” asked Brave.

“It’s Magic,” I replied. “She’s at the ice cream store and she’s talking about some mystery ice cream.”


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