Episode 2 Part 2

Next was the seven from Thailand. “เคล็ดลับหรือรักษา!” they said. (Which means “Trick or treat” in Thai). I then gave them some candy.

Вы можете получить вашу кошку из пути, пожалуйста? О, простите мой русский (не, что, поскольку приехал в эту страну из России). Это просто, что я не могу говорить по-английски или по-французски или какой-либо другой язык очень хорошо,” said the Russian when it was at C.J.’s house. The other Russian translated it for C.J. “Can you get your cat out of the way, please? Oh, pardon my Russian (not that because came to this country from Russia). It’s just that I can’t speak English or French or some other language very well,” she translated. C.J. said, “Oh, you’re Russians?” she said. Then all the people who was visiting friend’s house earlier were demanding for treats in different languages. “我没有从中国旅行只是为了得到这种待遇!我来到这里看到了这个国家是一样!” said the one from China. “Or, in English, ‘I didn’t travel from China just to get this treatment! I traveled here to see what this country is like!’!”

“Is that person speaking Chinese?” said friend.

“Yep,” I said.

“I speak fluent Chinese!”

“You do?”

“Yep! I know every single Chinese word!”

He then ran over and said, “难道你是中国人吗?”

She then replied. “难道你是美国人吗?”

They then continued. A French girl then appeared and said, “Avez-vous des bonbons pour moi ?”